KHL Foods

KHL is considered one of the biggest suppliers of corn products in asia, we are please to perform a complete branding campaign for them from offline and online perspective.

KHL was incorporate early 1990, although their business has spread across more than 20 countries, there is no specific identity or branding exercise ever been carried.

From client request, they want to establish their image as a serious agriculture company and their target audiences are foreign buyers, that gave us a very good challenge and creativity freedom to make the whole campaign interesting.


Campaign Summary

Website - An interactive idea crossing with attractive illustrations to emphasize the company with environment concern and agricultural feel without moving away from their key main product - Corn, throughly integrated with company, product, as well as network and other information for target audiences to fully understand the capacity and the specializations of KHL.

To be mentioned, a successful web marketing has been carried though SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Adwords to increase the hits and discoverability of KHL in world wide search engine like Google. Currently whenever people search for keywords “Frozen Sweetcorn Malaysia” or “Sweetcorn Malaysia” can find that KHL website will appear on 1st page of Google, Yahoo and MSN also.

Besides web campaign, a series of collaterals have been deployed for KHL to present themselves to their clients or any exhibition with consistent image that they are one of the major and serious player of Corn products.

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