sks food

SKS is one of the oldest coconut cookies brand which has been in the market for more than 30 years. Their business mainly on producing high quality coconut cookies to supply local market and certain portion to export as well. Client engaged us to revamp and revitalize their branding for further expansion to export market.


Campaign Summary

Their main brand is SKS and with another 3 varieties of sub-brand, what we did is recreate a clear identity to each brand with story line and strong concept. 4 different illustrations have been done for each brand to visualize the selling points and the essence of the brand to cater different market as well.

Furthermore, we revamp the whole products series from traditional to more lifestyle with combining the illustration and photography. And hence, a new product catalogue cum profile to clearly introduce company and products.

Besides this, series of exhibition collaterals such as foldable counter, roll up banners have been redesigned and printed in high quality material to further extend their brand awareness upon exhibition.

Lastly, a new corporate website specially cater for targeting foreign market has been done with search engine optimization as well. It’s glad that after launching of this website, the keywords “Coconut Cookies Malaysia” has been listed on the first page of popular search engines like Google & Yahoo.

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